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Overview of the event

As 2019 progresses, the digital marketing landscape that encompasses SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and more is witnessing a dramatic shift – which businesses can no longer ignore. There may have been a time when you could’ve dismissed artificial intelligence or visual search as gimmicks from the latest blockbuster science fiction film, but that time is long gone.

There are many new digital marketing trends and strategies that are evolving in the current high-tech era and businesses now need to use them to succeed in their efforts. The key is to stay on top of the trends and figure out what is the best for your business today. What was worked for you in a previous year may not work this year as new trends continuously keep on emerging.

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Digital Marketing Summit, Bangalore
X Topic Abstract

Leverage data and technology to understand customers’ behaviour. Being able to measure customer experience with less friction and with better tools will be key to the future of managing customer experience

Speaker Profile

Endorsed as India's top 100 digital marketers by Adobe and India's top 100 progressive marketing leader by Oracle and PaulWriter, Mr. Avadhoot Patwardhan with nearly 13+ years of experience is presently heading digital marketing & martech for Mindtree. He is focused on enhancing Mindtree’s brand awareness & lead generation through developing strong digital ecosystem. Before joining Mindtree, he was with IBM, where he was product marketing manager for several analytics and big data products. He was part of core team that successfully launched IBM’ Hadoop, Data Science Experience and Machine Learning offers to the market. He has recruited channel partners and managed high value partner to drive marketing pipeline. Prior to IBM, Avadhoot drove Informatica India’s pipeline with field marketing activities.

On the personal side, he is a certified yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Further, Avadhoot brings his love and passion for agriculture. Being an avid reader, Avadhoot enjoys subjects related to psychology, astral projection and philosophy. Not the least, but Avadhoot is a serious movie buff - specially feeding on Netflix!

X Topic Abstract

How do companies like Amazon, Netflix, Disney continue to raise the bar for customer-centricity? Steve Jobs is believed to have said, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” It seems like a tall order, but the good news is that in this era of digital transformation, it has become easier than ever to get closer to your customers. Their digital footprint provides deep, timely and actionable insights into what they want and why, when and how do they want it. And this treasure trove of information can help marketers create tailored experiences that are informed by customers’ deepest desires. In this session, we will explore how technology and data can help you create the best experience for your customers.

Speaker Profile

I am a strategic marketing leader with 20 years of experience in defining brand and marketing strategy, driving demand generation campaigns, creating compelling customer experiences and leading high performance marketing teams. My interest in studying human behaviour is what led me to marketing, and the challenge of using this understanding to create truly customer-centric experiences is what keeps me engaged. I am a passionate advocate for design thinking as a means for driving greater client-centricity.I work with IBM, leading a global product and content marketing team and I have an MBA in marketing from IIM Kozhikode.

X Topic Abstract

We are going to broadly cover the following topics:

Importance of programmatic - A transparent approach about the possibilities and challenges of programmatic marketing.

The critical tool-set to be successful in programmatic - A discussion about DMP, CDP, DSP etc. - Technical - how does the real time bidding work. why real-time-bidding is not same as programmatic

Practical guide: Typical pitfalls and how to avoid those

Speaker Profile

Arun is an accomplished digital and social media marketing leader with 16 years of diverse experience in advertising, media, consumer research and brand marketing. He is an expert in programmatic technologies. His experience blends roles of client partner, digital strategist, market researcher and organization leader.

Arun is currently leading the digital marketing expertise under Genpact Analytics, helping clients build and manage a scalable, transparent, digital media buying and measurement model.

Earlier in career, Arun worked in the agency world and led the strategy and execution of digital advertising campaigns across programmatic display, paid search, social media, native advertising and other channels for clients in consumer goods, pharma, healthcare, finance, education, e-commerce, entertainment and other industries.

X Topic Abstract

Digital Storytelling combines the best of two worlds : the “new world” of digitized tools & platforms and the “old world” of telling stories.
Over the last few years, Stories have become the primary method of sharing content on social media. Businesses are rethinking consumer marketing experiences through engaging tales in video format. Moving away from static content to a rich, visual world that combines different types of media that is emotionally engaging & interactive.

Speaker profile

Suchita Leads Marketing for the Cognizant Digital Business (CDB) in APAC to oversee go-to-market strategy, planning and execution in support of key Global and Asia Pacific regional business objectives.
Her key responsibilities cover building brand awareness and reputation for the Cognizant Digital Business BU and the company’s capabilities in key APAC markets including India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East.
Amidst rapid technology adoption across businesses, her mandate is to drive the key themes around the Fourth Industrial Revolution covering Digital Transformation, AI& Analytics, Interactive, Connected Products - IoT, Digital Strategy, Innovation & Technology that shape business ecosystem & customer expectations.
Her role at Cognizant gives her immense opportunity to help build “Digital Enterprises of the Future” She has a deep understanding of the IT ecosystem & complex enterprise purchase decision-making process in the era of Digital Transformation. She has learnt and honed her skills as a B2B2C marketer and brings to table a keen sense for business-oriented marketing coupled with strong execution capabilities.

X Topic Abstract

1. Is making career in digital tough
2. What one can learn now
3. What is relevant after next 5 years
4. How to make it successful

X Topic Abstract

Social media becomes a powerful tool for enterprises when social data is correlated with enterprise data. This can be used for product launches, brand extension etc. Influencers can play a significant role in extending the brand recall and brand reach. There are many uses cases on these areas and I would like to present on the same.

X Topic Abstract

A recent Forrester study showed that "CX leaders grow revenue faster than CX laggards." Nevertheless, most companies are still struggling to improve customer experience and measure it in a meaningful way.
Even CX leaders are finding it difficult to make the quantitative link between customer behaviour and business outcomes, so they can move beyond relying on gut feel and qualitative data to prioritize decisions.
Leaders are familiar with metrics like NPS & CSAT etc. However, how and when you calculate these metrics, as well as how they influence your actions can have a big impact

X Topic Abstract

Why organic is important and how to get the balance right

Speaker profile

Xavier PRabhu, Founder & Managing Director, PRHUB: Over 25 years’ of experience spanning advertising, journalism and PR. Has worn the hats of entrepreneur, visiting faculty, consultant, freelance journalist, magazine editor, board member and advisor, among others, in this period. Someone whom clients rely on for counsel and strategic advice. Among India’s most visible PR entrepreneurs who speaks extensively on variety of topics including branding, PR, entrepreneurship & communication both within India and beyond (12 countries). Is a TEDx speaker and does one speaking engagement a month on an average for years now. Has spoken in hundreds of campuses across India engaging over 1 lakh students from across streams. Trained to lead global standard crisis communication and media training by 2 of the largest PR firms globally. Drives the overall organizational strategy, global partnerships, Mumbai & Delhi markets besides the finance function. Incubating a start-up on personal branding right now. Dreams of turning an author someday soon and also doing a Phd.

X Topic Abstract

Experience has the power to transform your business, by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the keynbrand differentiator. A good customer experience means your customers spend more.In the Era of Experience, how to you deliver a superior customer experience? There are 3 key tenants of customer experience:
Purpose: Situational Context, Immersive & Composable
Instant: Gratification, Resolution & Decisioning
Boundaryless: Channel ecosystem & Value stream integration
Even though we may concentrate on purchasing decisions, social media patterns, predictive analysis or content being the future of marketing, if we really think about it, all the elements are only important if they help us enhance customer’s experiences with our brand and channelize our resources around delight.
The session will answer and cover few of the below key aspects:
• Do you truly know what a differentiating experience means?
• How do we make experience more relevant and what will be the future of marketing?
• If so, are you ready as an organization to deliver this at scale?

Speaker profile

An accomplished Business leader with over 20+ years of IT consulting experience. Experienced in various dimensions of strategy, technology, sales, delivery, competency, products & platforms. Drives sales aggressively though value-based selling and as a trusted advisor to the client. Experienced in “Digital” business, helping customers transform their business and win in the Digital world by developing digital products and services leveraging technology disruptions of Digital Marketing, Commerce, Mobility, Data & Insights. He is passionate about technology, works closely with customers, advisors, analysts, partners in driving transformation, and business outcomes for customers.

X Topic Abstract

- Are algorithms used by market makers in Crypto different from Forex
- How to control risks in Market making
- Initial Exchange Offering or Crowdfunding on the crypto exchanges

Speaker profile

Valentin Preobrazhenskiy is a top entrepreneur and speaker in the capital markets transition space. Valentin Preobrazhenskiy is the CEO and Founder of LATOKEN, a top digital assets exchange leading worldwide security token offerings and secondary markets with 400k+ users. He was a director of the Founder Institute tech incubator ($20B+ portfolio companies value) and Marcuard Spectrum (Marcuard group $3bn+ assets). He also managed Avega Capital hedge fund. As a 12x keynote speaker and host of LATOKEN forums visited by 2 presidents and $120bn funds, Valentin contributes to the financial system transformation

X Topic Abstract

Integrated marketing is a buzz word since the inception of digital marketing. However, many marketers simply struggle to understand the clear meaning behind and its execution. Many times marketing activities remain fragmented without a clear integration of end to end strategies which must in compliance with customer journey. This fragmented experience can adversely affect the ROI from marketing (digital) campaigns. Its not just search Engine or Social media, for an integrated experience, marketing must be across various touch points. Most importantly marketing must convey the message through a language the customer is ready to imbibe amidst a particular channel. A real B2C case study to be discusses

X Topic Abstract

Developers are known to be averse to traditional marketing activities, yet the onus of businesses is steadily shifting towards them. Hence creating inroads into their mindshare is essential for every software company. We will discuss the various developer personas and how to address each of them. We will also walk through the various stages of the developer acquisition funnel and see how we can measure and scale the efforts. Get ready for the next generation of marketing form - B2D (Business to Developer).

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Avadhoot Patwardhan

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Arun Soumya Mukherjee

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Renny John

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Samir Kumar Sah



Xavier PRabhu

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Gaurav Mittal

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Wipro Digital

Suchita Vishnoi

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Cognizant Digital Business

Valentin Preobrazhesnkiy



Malhar Barai

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Tech Mahindra

Prativa Satpathy

Digital Marketing Strategist

Carl Zeiss India

Jonathan Pereira

Developer Marketing (APAC)


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