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Overview of the event

Inside Sales Summit (18 March, 2020)

The new era of Digital Selling is upon us. Every sales role, whether inside or in the field, is connected and engaging customers and prospects virtually through email, video, text, web and a variety of social networks.

Great sales leaders become great by learning from their peers and journeying in the direction of the latest trends and technology. The sales world we live in is constantly changing, and we have to stay ahead of those changes by connecting with the right people, understand the best practices and the latest tools needed.

In the Inside Sales Summit we will learn about new ways of working to improve productivity, discuss about means of tackling management issues to help you make your organization grow from a phase from introductory to inside sales to utilization.

The Inside Sales Summit is all about 8 talks, 1 panel discussion and case studies that are essential for the study and implementation of inside sales.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Inside Sales Summit, Bangalore (18 March, 2020)
X Topic Abstract

Test Consulting and Advisory line of services has been a strategic ingredient of current day ITES organization. Mc.Kinsey, EY are some pioneers advocating Business consulting services while IT giants including Infosys are some of the leaders in IT consulting, in particular Test Consulting services. A typical testing oriented consulting journey will include Articulating key objectives, assessing as-is state, analyzing documentations, conducting detailed interviews, seeking responses to subscribed testing practices, proof-readings, devising heat-maps, articulating pain-points and converting them into a workable road-map (in some cases a 30-60-90-day road-map). This ordeal will call upon various nuances and more often the original intent gets superimposed and manipulated due to ranked pressures. In this talk, we briefly walk the audience through a typical assessment exercise and will highlight the elements where test consulting services often get diluted. We place our working experiences, above all, and address the “What-Why-How’s” to retain test consulting services into the main-stream of any engagements we handle. We take one of our recent assessments into perspective and provide a contextual niche and specific measures that we strive to sustain and stick to.

X Topic Abstract

There exists a misconception that technology companies only hire programmers and developers. While these are some of the skills that tech companies look for, they are not the only ones required. In fact, opportunities in industries such as Digital Marketing, Analytics abound. In this session, we will talk through the various roles that one can take up in the Digital Marketing space and effective ways to build your digital career.

X Topic Abstract

Enterprise sales has largely been relationship based. With the help of right tools, team structure and process, one can setup a b2b business which solves for predictability and long term success

Speaker Profile

Dev has 17 years of experience running sales and marketing teams, including 6 years starting and running a successful entrepreneurial venture

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Speaker Profile

X Topic Abstract

In the digital era where customers are spoilt for choices, and disloyalty is considered an opportunity. Moreover, with self-served customer where 60% of the sales cycle is completed before a customer interacts with the seller, sales need to be more agile in building an ecosystem to win customer's mind share. In today's disrupted environment, every customer touch-point is critical in building the brand. Sales, as an initial interaction point from the org in B2B space, is a brand custodian too. Hence, organization need to look at sales beyond a revenue generation engine. Join the session to learn how sales in future look like and how sales can be a key partner in building you as a desired brand for your customers, thus, impacting not just revenue but also brand loyalty.

Speaker Profile

Award winning marketing and sales strategy wizard with 15 years of experience developing demand-gen and sales ecosystem to deliver differentiated brand experiences that grow market share and build customer loyalty. Having worked with large and emerging organizations like Oracle, IBM, Ricoh, Tecnotree etc, Amit has extensive international experience across developed and developing markets in building sales organization, developing sales eminence programs and marketing strategies delivering topline growth.

X Topic Abstract

Artificial Intelligence landscape is evolving very rapidly. It is an integrated part of Sales and Marketing now. From creating a superior customer experience to accelerating the rate of lead generation, AI is transforming these digital processes into intelligent AI-driven processes. Enterprises are focusing on building robust AI-powered sales functions.

Speaker Profile

Swapnil Bhagwat is a digital marketing leader with working experience in the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and India. He worked in different leadership roles including Vice President and Head of Digital Marketing for BFSI, Telecom, AI, Retail, IT and Healthcare industries. He is successfully implementing digital strategies and worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Swapnil is also a marketing and business advisor to various startups in India and the US

X Topic Abstract

It talks about the various digital sales techniques which have worked the best for the EdTech industry, how these sales strategies are going to stay relevant with the changing landscape of the EdTech industry in the future, and what are the emerging sales techniques/ strategies

X Topic Abstract

Defining the role insidesales should play in an organisation, and therefore what should the leadership traits to have to execute the role.

X Topic Abstract

I will debrief about a new concept - Time, Agility and Sales. This is one amazing thought I have worked with many of the companies I am consulting with.

X Topic Abstract

"It’s no longer good enough to make strategic decisions based on educated guesses and gut feelings. Instead, sales leaders must rely on data and analytics to guide their selling strategy.

For those who aren’t familiar, a data-driven sales strategy is exactly what it sounds like—the process of using data to inform each and every one of your sales decisions. Although it’s an easy concept to understand, it’s significantly more difficult to put into practice.

Consider this: 40% of organizations indicate that scattered information and limited visibility into data impair their sales organization. Even more concerning, 56% of sales executives are dissatisfied with their ability to offer valuable, data-driven insights.

If you’re among the group of Ed-Tech sales leaders who’d like to implement a data-driven sales strategy, like me, lets talk!"

Speaker Profile

Sandeep comes with over twelve years of multi-faceted experience in Sales, Support, Business Management and Development.

A Seasoned executive with emphasis in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in various start-up organizations, he has a demonstrated experience in taking businesses through the phases of concept development, incubation, launch and initial ramp, WW scaling and achieving consistent profitability.

Experienced start-up business leader in industries like Education Management, Service and Information Technology, he comes with international experience including sales, business development, operations management and he is an innovative hands-on manager, driven by passion and know-how. Honing this experience and with his passion being and still is, to seek, share and spread knowledge, Sandeep is also a Sales and Leadership trainer and business consultant, reflecting his experience in management and training. He has successfully handled and created powerful & lasting impacts through Leadership interventions for middle and senior management for clients across industries like Banks, Insurance companies, IT, SMEs & Manufacturing. He is a Strong motivator and attitude trainer.

Conducting necessary TNA sessions to derive on the training requirement, Structuring programs based on the skillet and profiles of the trainee group using Experiential Learning and Conditioning Theory is his forte.

X Topic Abstract

How to identify which key areas you need to improve upon for the biggest impact on performance. The methodology for understanding your metrics. How to gain a clear perspective on what you need to do moving forward based upon your findings. Some of the basic keys to success, Phone: 7012334771,

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Our Speakers

Venkatesh Jayaraman

Lead Consultant

Infosys Ltd

Kunal Bhardwaj

Director, Product & Content Strategy, Education


Swapnil Bhagwat

Vice President of Marketing and Startup Advisor


Dev Ramnane

VP, International Busines


Amit Kumar

Head of Global Marketing & Comms

Tecnotree Corporation

Ajeesh Venugopalan

Senior Director & Global Head of Marketing

Relevance Lab Pvt Ltd

Sandeep Sinha

Head of Sales operations

Sprintzeal Inc

Anirudh Sreekumar

Digital Marketing Architect

Adobe Inc

Macharayya Gangumalla

Head of Marketing (Consultant) - IQLECT, Global Marketing and Sales Director (TradeDog USA), CMO - Tik Tik Trading (Vietnam)


Aayan Banerjee


d5in Global

Jacob (Akhil) Joseph

Business Head

Trainerkart Americas Inc.

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Our Testimonial


Who can attend Inside Sales Summit in Bangalore?

Inside Sales Summit attendees are the movers and shakers influencing the growth and success of their company’s digital marketing — and the future landscape of the digital economy. They come from a wide variety of companies and organizations — including national brands, CPG, agencies, service providers, technology pioneers, B2B providers, associations & nonprofits, startups, and much more.

Designations include- Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Marketing Technologists, Chief Marketing Technology Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Experience Officers, Chief Customer Officers, VP/Director Marketing, VP/Director Technology, VP/Director Digital Marketing, VP/Director Digital Strategy, VP/Director Customer Intelligence, VP/Director Marketing Technology, VP/Director Marketing Innovation, VP/Director Marketing Operations, VP/Director Marketing Analytics, VP/Director Demand Generation, VP/Director Growth, VP/Director Product Marketing, VP/Director CRM, VP/Director E-commerce, and the list goes on.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, students, educators, investors, senior marketers and branders, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, thought leaders and anyone else who operates in the broad technology industry from around the world.

Why to attend Inside Sales Summit in Bangalore?

Understand the state of development of Marketing Automation technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Inside Sales technologies. Using Inside Sales as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.